Day zero


We did it. 09:00 promptly at Colonial Airstream. First, thank you to Kevin who conducted our orientation. Absolutely fantastic. Thank you!

During our orientation our Reese weight distributing hitch was installed, perfectly levelled and its operation explained. Once again magnificent orientation and thank you to Colonial Airstream.

So, on to our first test – and I think the most difficult of all – towing a 28′ trailer. We did ok. Kevin directed us to an empty ballpark parking lot where we regrouped and tried a few backing up test runs. By accident, we did surprisingly well.

That was followed by a drive out of New Jersey, its turnpikes and toll booths, and into PA, with its turnkpikes and toll booths. Stop and go traffic and tight roads before getting to the relative luxury of the interstate.

The truck performed incredibly. Acceleration was swift, even on grades through the hills/mountains of PA. I noticed myself effortlessly overtaking at 80 mph on the turnpike.

But the real test was getting to our first overight spot. I took a wrong turn. In the middle of nowhere in the mountains of PA. It was too late – a one lane road and no turning back. The twists, turns and grades were something I would barely tackle on foot. We put it in 4WD high for traction. The Ford made effortless work of pulling the trailer up the hill. Engine braking automatically engaged to go down it again, Again, excellent.

Yes we’re gushing about this truck. Now, is it thirsty? Yes. Strained? Not at all.

So here we are. Writing this in our trailer in Cowen’s Gap State Park. Nice park. Almost all to ourselves. We backed into a spot (reasonable well) with power but no water. Still plenty of water in the tank. We thought we leveled the trailer but didn’t do a great job as it turns out. We were a little pressed for time with light.

For our first night, and with no experience, not a bad job. Our only mishap was somewhere along the way the mirror in the bathroom fell off and broke, damaging the bathroom countertop and towel bar at the same time and spreading glass all over the floor. Cleaned up, vacuumed with cordless Dyson and we’ll figure out a warrenty repair.

One small thing. We didn’t stock up on groceries and didn’t see anything in the way. So it was a dinner of Mountain House boil-in-the-bag beef stew for us. Surprisingly delicious.

No cell coverage. This will likely post tomorrow.

– Anthony, Cowens Gap State Park, PA


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