Night three in the Airstream. 410 miles of driving today. We intended to get to La Claire, Iowa, but a large storm has forced us to hunker down. Truthfully we’re looking forward to stopping for a few days.

Nice pull through site at Hickory Hollow. Full hookups. Just raised the front end an inch and the trailer was leveled (didn’t even unhitch) – easy! We were hooked up and cooking dinner within 10 minutes.

Unfortunately this campsite only offers 20 and 50 amp power so we’re having to limit power in the 30 amp Airstream to prevent breaker trips. AC is the priority and is on. Fridge is on propane and everything else on battery so we’re ok.

Second night of real cooking. Gluten free pasta and home made pasta sauce the first night. Salad for lunch today – in our Airstream at an Ohio turnpike truckstop – and tonight a lazy French bread/olive oil/ + soup + jalapeno stuffed olives combo. Into the home stretch tomorrow.

So far we have had many admirers. Anthony is routinely approached at gas stations and we are very popular at camp sites. Everyone wants to talk about our Airstream and this new fangled truck.

On that topic, the truck continues to amaze. At a truckstop in PA we had one trucker walk up to us saying he saw us on the highway and was surprised at us barreling past him an incline. Wanted to know all about the Ecoboost.

Some observations:

(1) So far our average MPG is 13.9. Average speeds between 65 – 70 mph and over Blue Mountain (the part of the Appalachian chain in PA). We went over the summit of Sideling Hill (or Mountain).

(2) Average transmission temperature is 197 degrees. This may seem high but newer trucks have highers temperatures by design. This is well within normal range for this truck even when not towing. Temperature maxed out at 210 degrees during engine breaking (another marvel) through the mountains.

(3) We are easily at 70mph by the end of highway entry ramps. No turtle merges.

Alfred is saintly. Campers and truckers like to stop and pet him. He is quiet as a mouse and adapting well to life on the road. We’ll post a picture of his in-truck hangout later.

In the Airstream he is sleeping on a towel for now until we figure out where his more permanent digs will be.

– Anthony, La Salle, Illinois


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