Paper or plastic?


It’s day 12. We’ve moved west to Lake Anita State Park. Of course this move took place in a rainstorm on a notoriously cross-windy stretch of I-80 west of Des Moines. A little shakey and bakey above 65 mph.


Enough of your the irrelevant travel journaling you say, how are you managing to eat anything without a dishwasher? Good question. It has been not years but decades since I have washed something by hand. I wasn’t even sure it was sanitary not to use a dishwasher. Don’t you need to heat plates to three degrees shy of the surface of the sun in order to prevent digestive diabolicalism and furry enzymes?

In that vain I went to Costco and loaded up on disposable plates, bowls and cups (both for hot and cold drinks).



So after a few days considering whether Matt Damon could film an Elysium sequel in our travel trailer, I determined to wash up after myself. This willingness-to-work effort opened up a number of possibilities, ultimately resulting in this:


But wait, there’s more:


Yes, all that stuff came out of that pot.

Our old frying pan and large pot took up an entire under couch plastic bin. We were carrying bags of plates around in our truck bed. No more. Gone. We have four plastic plates, four plastic mugs, four plastic cups, a frying pan, two pots with a lid strainer and two “aircraft alloy” knives, forks and spoons. All in a tiny package. Takes 2 minutes to wash up after a meal. What’s not to love?

The goods:

– Anthony, Anita, Iowa


One thought on “Paper or plastic?

  1. Paper or Plastic? Personally I prefer aluminum. Camping is all about effective use of limited supplies. Cook it on a stick and one pan meals make the clean-up easiest. If you cook over a fire, rub a film for detergent on the outer side of your pan. Soot wipes off easier. Always use hottest water to rinse and sanitize.

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