Room to sing in the shower



The mighty Airstream shower. At first glance you might think you have to be a stick figure to actually use the shower in here. I am a mere 5’3″ so I have it easy in terms of fitting inside this thing. Surprisingly I am impressed with my new tiny shower.

How did it go? So far I have always had nice warm water, I do want to test how long the warm water actually will last. I haven’t yet ran out of hot water while showering. A good tip though: do not shower immediately after washing dishes, you will only have about 3 minutes of warm water. I figured this out one morning after doing breakfast dishes and taking a shower right after.

Roomy, once you get past the initial thought ‘will I fit in there?’ and actually go inside. We have purchased a couple of items for the shower. The bathmat was a great purchase, just lay it down before you jump in. I keep mine hung on the shower door when not using mainly so it stays clean. Also inside the shower we have a basket shower tote. This was a cheap purchase that did exactly what was needed. We did modify it by drilling some holes where the soap holder is. It sits on the seat in the shower and can be placed on the floor when traveling.

Overall a very nice luxury when you get to step out of it and see a beautiful view just outside the window. Sure beats the scenery from my old bathroom window in the suburbs.

– Julie, Anita, Iowa


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