“Leaving Iowa”

Quick video taken by Julie of Alfred in rainstorm yesterday.

It’s Halloween and we’re out of Iowa. The West Des Moines KOA closed today for the season. There were only four of us left on the final day.

Next two nights in North Sioux City, South Dakota. We’re hoping we can finish up our South Dakota residency in Sioux Falls tomorrow.

We accepted an offer on our house today – on the market less than a day. Nice when something goes your way! We close on December 6th. Photographer’s pictures on Flickr.

Between now and then we need to clear the house out . . . can’t wait.

So where to next week? Probably Missouri. Maybe Denver. We’ll see which way the wind blows.

– Anthony (streamer_a), North Sioux City, South Dakota
Day 44 & 3,364 miles towed

The Bedroom

Airstream bedroom

We noticed a lot of our photographs feature the front of the Airstream, where we live, but few of the back. Interesting things to notice:

  • Overhead storage with lighting (we have barely used this storage space).
  • On either side of the bed there is a reading light overhead, a magazine rack and two cubbies.
  • Complete walk around bed (about a foot or so all the way around).
  • Side closets with upper and lower compartments. We have stuck IKEA Ramsta stick and press lights inside.
  • The Dyson vacuumop mounted on one wall and TV on the other.
  • Main lighting has a dimmer.
  • The bed itself flips up but the under bed storage can be accessed on three sides. The front compartment is where we keep Alfred’s dog food.
  • Plenty of windows either side and at the rear.

Airstream bedroom

Airstream bedroom

Airstream bedroom

Airstream bedroom

Airstream bedroom

– Anthony, Adel, Iowa

Some Things I Saved in Evernote


A random collection of links I saved in Evernote.

Saved 2013-08-24

Saved 2013-08-04

Saved 2013-07-27

Saved 2013-07-27

Saved 2013-07-22

Saved 2013-07-22

Saved 2013-07-05

Saved 2013-07-01

– Anthony, Adel, Iowa

Love Actually


Apple TV installed (little black box above the TV). Same complicated mounting method as the Dyson vacuumop – 3M Command strips. These have now held the Dyson up for 10 days and something like 1,000 miles of rock ‘n roll.

Apple TV connects to the TV via HDMI. Since there is only one outlet behind the TV I bought a tiny one-to-three power strip.

It connects to the network wirelessly through the Verizon Jetpack and can directly download content from iTunes or, more important for us, we can now stream to the TV from other devices – iPhones, iPads and computers. We have dozens of movies and TV shows stored. The sound plays through the Airstream speakers in the same way as the Blu-Ray player.

So having rigged this all up, what would be the first thing you’d watch? Julie picked “Love Actually.” Regardless of movie selection, it works.

– Anthony, Adel, Iowa

It’s five o’clock somewhere


Malbec from a red solo cup? Yes we’ve done it before. But we picked these up at REI in Centennial, Colorado. Much better. Having a glass with lunch after our four mile stroll around Lake (pond) Anita. Nice Sunday.

Heading back to the house this afternoon to start the sale-ready prep. work . . . some new baseboards, some new blinds, tidy-up, fix a fence panel . . . houses are more work than Airstreams!

GSI Outdoors Stainless-Steel Nesting Wineglass.

– Anthony, Anita, Iowa

The vacuumop


I travel a lot for business. For years I’ve been consistent in staying at Marriotts (100+ nights a year) and enjoyed a lot of fun vacations courtesy of lots of Marriott points.

But I haven’t stayed in a Marriott since buying our Airstream. And that’s the point. In 25 days Julie, Alfred and I have traveled over 3,000 miles with our trailer. Much of that business related. Together. By that metric, it’s working.

No more chasing hotel and airline points. Strangely I haven’t even thought about getting on a plane in nearly a month. I used to fly four times a week. No more TSA pre-pass (where I pay a fee to the Federal government to avoid being harassed) needed in an Airstream.

What’s this got to do with vacuum cleaners? Well what better to spend 92,500 Marriott points on than a cordless vacuum cleaner and mop all in one – the Dyson Hard D56. Amazing! This has replaced our Swiffer and broom.

Airstream bedroom

It has an optional charging station that I have mounted on the bedroom wall using six 3M Command strips, each rated for 5 lbs. I attached it to the wall in Gothenberg, Nebraska, and it has stayed put for over 300 miles to Anita, Iowa.

Worth it? Absolutely. This thing works. It has eliminated two other things and neatly stores out of the way.

Dyson Hard D56.

– Anthony, Anita, Iowa