Balance of power

Being as we are well into day two of being stuck in a record breaking blizzard, and having lost shore power a day ago, I have developed an entirely new appreciation for propane. Without exaggeration, it has saved us and our Airstream. Without it right now we would be refugees in someone else’s RV and our Airstream would be an aluminum tent full of burst pipes.

Because propane is finite and something I need to have refilled periodically I didn’t initially regard it highly. On the Airstream’s feature list it was something I ranked alongside the curtains.

Now I regard it as the feature. When the power goes out, propane will keep you warm, heat your water and cool your fridge. And even in very cold temperatures it lasts a long time. Using propane for heat also prevents overwhelming the 30 amp electrical circuit with hungry appliances like space heaters.

So if you have 30 amps to spend, what can you buy? Airstream has produced a nice list here.

– Anthony, Rapid City, South Dakota


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