Blizzard – day 3


As of this morning we remain stranded but “shore power” (power from the camp site plug in) is now back.

This is a huge relief. It means we are no longer reliant on batteries or propane, both of which were dwindling. I estimated we would have run out of battery/propane some time this afternoon.

You can’t run the furnace without battery power and the truck only trickle charges the batteries, an extraordinarily inefficient use of truck fuel, so at some point they would have run out.

Last night we turned the furnace down to 50 degrees and bundled up in bed, with dog, and some chemical emergency heat packs which kept us toasty all night.

Additionally despite the temperatures and wind chill we have never lost the fresh water supply. We have been pulling the fresh water line inside each night to prevent it from freezing.

So as of now there is still no way out but we have unlimited heat, fresh water, plumbing, etc. We also have plenty of food. Outside temperatures are rising nicely.

We’re watching “Good Morning America” on TV as I write this, eating a delicious tomato and onion fritta breakfast. ABC asked me if they could use my footage on this morning’s “Good Morning America.” I was also contacted by Reuters asking permission to use footage.

I would like to get out today since I am supposed to be in Denver for work tomorrow, but I am not optimistic.

Despite being newbies and certainly challenged by this situation, Julie and I “are still an effective team.”

– Anthony, Rapid City, South Dakota

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