The vacuumop


I travel a lot for business. For years I’ve been consistent in staying at Marriotts (100+ nights a year) and enjoyed a lot of fun vacations courtesy of lots of Marriott points.

But I haven’t stayed in a Marriott since buying our Airstream. And that’s the point. In 25 days Julie, Alfred and I have traveled over 3,000 miles with our trailer. Much of that business related. Together. By that metric, it’s working.

No more chasing hotel and airline points. Strangely I haven’t even thought about getting on a plane in nearly a month. I used to fly four times a week. No more TSA pre-pass (where I pay a fee to the Federal government to avoid being harassed) needed in an Airstream.

What’s this got to do with vacuum cleaners? Well what better to spend 92,500 Marriott points on than a cordless vacuum cleaner and mop all in one – the Dyson Hard D56. Amazing! This has replaced our Swiffer and broom.

Airstream bedroom

It has an optional charging station that I have mounted on the bedroom wall using six 3M Command strips, each rated for 5 lbs. I attached it to the wall in Gothenberg, Nebraska, and it has stayed put for over 300 miles to Anita, Iowa.

Worth it? Absolutely. This thing works. It has eliminated two other things and neatly stores out of the way.

Dyson Hard D56.

– Anthony, Anita, Iowa


4 thoughts on “The vacuumop

  1. Gris here again! Never mind on my last post. Checked out a few reviews and found that indeed Swifter pads can be used. They are a little short, but they worked for the reviewer.
    By the way, thank you so much for sharing so much great information! Safe travels!

  2. Hi Gris! I just saw your question, sorry about the delay. I do in fact use the swiffer pads for my dyson and they work just great! They appear to be the exact same size. I could only find the dyson pads at Best Buy. Much easier to get the swiffer brand from most stores. I’m glad you are enjoying our blog! 🙂

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