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our setup

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Quick summary of what we are rolling around the Glamour States in.

Tow Vehicle: 2013 Ford F150 4×4 Supercrew with Ecoboost engine.

Trailer: 2013 Airstream International Signature 28W Espresso.

Hitch: Reese Strait-Line weight distributing hitch.

Scout vehicle: 2012 Audi A4 Prestige S-Line.

– Anthony, Keystone State Park, Oklahoma

The Great American Desert


This morning the wind is howling in Wakeeney (just west of Hays), Kansas. Fortunately it’s warm at 50 degrees. Looking out of the window I see almost unbroken brown grass to the horizon. It caused me to think of “The Great American Desert.” I am in the middle of it now.

An inspiring view of the Great...

An excerpt from Stephen H. Long’s contribution to “An Account of an Expedition from Pittsburgh to the Rocky Mountains, Performed in the Years 1819, 1820” by Edwin James (1823).

“In regard to this extensive section of country, I do not hesitate in giving the opinion, that it is almost wholly unfit for cultivation, and of course uninhabitable by a people depending upon agriculture for their subsistence . . . the scarcity of wood and water, almost uniformly prevalent, will prove an insuperable obstacle in the way of settling the country. . .

. . .This region, however, viewed as a frontier, may prove of infinite importance to the United States, inasmuch as it is calculated to serve as a barrier to prevent too great an extension of our population westward.”

Stephen Long’s map can be found here:

Stephen H. Long’s 1822 Geographical, Statistical and Historical Map of Arkansas Territory.

– Anthony, Wakeeney, Kansas

Blog 2.0

Julie Yoga

Another pretty Fall day at Pamona State Park in Kansas. Morning walk to the beach with Alfred. Julie did yoga outside. Then a late afternoon ride on the fantastic Dahon Speed Uno with Alfred trotting alongside. Plus some fetch of course. Spoiled having the whole park to ourselves.

Photographs here.

Most of the day spent working on the new blog. Migrated from to bluehost. Then worked on tweaking the Clear News theme from Press75 and integrating various plug-ins. Don’t rush into self-hosting your WordPress blog unless you enjoy tinkering with this sort of thing. It can be tricky.

Why the effort? Two motivations. First, we really enjoy our photographs. Second, many of the moments we want to share are better delivered in shorter more real-time snippets through twitter and Instagram.

So we wanted the site to be an aggregator of near-real-time content. The more thoughtful content represented by Flickr and blog posts provide depth. When we started this blog we planned to focus on themes important to us: simplicity, freedom, health. These are after all the things that motivated us to start. But our first two months on the road have been so overwhelming that these themes have been neglected in both reality and writing.

As part of Blog 2.0 we will also be housecleaning. We’d like a consistent theme: feature photograph and text. So we’ll be editing some of our previous posts for consistency.

What about video? We struggle a little with video. It’s fun. It’s compelling. We’re just not that into it. We have created a Youtube channel where we will consolidate video content and perhaps explore this in the future.

Would love your feedback – please let us know what you think.

– Anthony, Pomona State Park, Kansas

We are in Kansas


We arrived in Pomona State Park on Saturday. It’s the best spot so far. We had a fantastic weekend getting outside and enjoying much milder weather. We’ll stay here for a while.

We do have lots of photographs but are migrating to a new Glamourstream dedicated account in Flickr so we are a little behind. Sorry.

What about mail now we are on the road? We have a physical mailing address provided through Americas Mailbox. We manage our shipments online. This is also a key part of South Dakota residency which I have promised to write a future post about.

But for now, “Heigh-Ho, Heigh- Ho, it’s off to work we go” . . .

– Anthony, Vassar, Kansas
Day 47

Go south (352 miles) – the weather’s fine

Rural Kansas Sunset
Good news – Friday was a success. South Dakota driver’s licenses in hand.

Truthfully, is this about anything more than revenue? In most states driving licenses are handled by the Department of Revenue. In South Dakota, the other divisions of the Department of Revenue include Gaming, Lottery (however that is different from Gaming) and Taxation.

We covered 352 miles today and arrived this evening at Pamona State Park near Ottawa, Kansas. Beautiful. Full hook-ups, trees, lots of space. We’ll post more pictures in the daylight.

– Anthony, Pamona State Park, Kansas