Blog 2.0

Julie Yoga

Another pretty Fall day at Pamona State Park in Kansas. Morning walk to the beach with Alfred. Julie did yoga outside. Then a late afternoon ride on the fantastic Dahon Speed Uno with Alfred trotting alongside. Plus some fetch of course. Spoiled having the whole park to ourselves.

Photographs here.

Most of the day spent working on the new blog. Migrated from to bluehost. Then worked on tweaking the Clear News theme from Press75 and integrating various plug-ins. Don’t rush into self-hosting your WordPress blog unless you enjoy tinkering with this sort of thing. It can be tricky.

Why the effort? Two motivations. First, we really enjoy our photographs. Second, many of the moments we want to share are better delivered in shorter more real-time snippets through twitter and Instagram.

So we wanted the site to be an aggregator of near-real-time content. The more thoughtful content represented by Flickr and blog posts provide depth. When we started this blog we planned to focus on themes important to us: simplicity, freedom, health. These are after all the things that motivated us to start. But our first two months on the road have been so overwhelming that these themes have been neglected in both reality and writing.

As part of Blog 2.0 we will also be housecleaning. We’d like a consistent theme: feature photograph and text. So we’ll be editing some of our previous posts for consistency.

What about video? We struggle a little with video. It’s fun. It’s compelling. We’re just not that into it. We have created a Youtube channel where we will consolidate video content and perhaps explore this in the future.

Would love your feedback – please let us know what you think.

– Anthony, Pomona State Park, Kansas

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