Repair List


  • Gap in wheel well allowing water to enter.
  • Upper window in dinette leaking.
  • Main door is hard to close – needs to be slammed.
  • Screen door latch is broken (missing screw).
  • Seal on hitch lamp needs to be replaced.
  • Popped interior rivets above main door and below dinette.
  • Outside light over the main door does not work – confirmed wiring issue.



  • Bathroom mirror fell off.
  • Refrigerator power lost – blown fuse.
  • Hood exhaust keeps tripping fuse – installed 5amp fuse.


  • Suspect poor wiring (short circuit) in range hood vent – frequent blown fuses and blown lightbulb.
  • Floor is squeaky by end of bed near bathroom wall.
  • Very small separation seeming to occur in black water release valve. Not leaking.
  • Water heater relief valve weeping.

– Anthony, Cheyenne Mountain State Park, Colorado