Spring Cleaning

Car wash

The weather has finally turned and today we made a short move from Lake Dardanelle State Park to Petit Jean State Park.

Last week we resolved not to attempt another winter north of Ft. Smith. It can be done and we have done it, but it’s not what we’re doing this for. So we took the opportunity this weekend to have a quick spring clean. Our rig is lighter 12 items, including a pair of crutches and an old shower head.

These are a few other things we didn’t need: a 5 gallon water container; an Hitachi cordless drill with scissor jack socket (heck yes I’m using a drill to raise my stabilizing jacks); more than one space heater, a heat gun and variety of insulation; a toaster; an Harmony remote; ugly pants; many chopping boards; an iron and ironing board.

– Anthony, Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Curious about the toaster…do you still have one? I was wondering if I would need to pick one up for the new trailer or if another option existed.

    Are you now toast-less?


    • We are mostly toast-less for now. The toaster was decluttered just due to our small counter space available. I did keep it for awhile under the counter, but didn’t use it enough. For now when we do have toast I just put a couple of pieces on a pan to brown them, simple and easy!

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