If we didn’t live in an Airstream, we probably wouldn’t run around as much

Cheyenne Mountain run

In Life-Before-Airstream most of my running mileage was on a treadmill for basic fitness. Headphones in. Average distance precisely 4.00 miles. Average speed precisely 6.8mph. Then press “STOP.” Headphones out.

In Life-After-Airstream I run more often for basic fun. Headphones in, GPS on. Terrain varies. Weather varies. Distance varies. Speed varies. It’s almost as though I’m a product of nature. Headphones out.

This post is not intended to be a bragathon – I’m certainly no athlete! But in my last post I tritely lectured, “Your Airstream provides a new context for living. Its flaws don’t matter one little bit. Remember why you bought it. Do those things.”

For us, improving our health was one of those things. So I thought I would provide some evidence. Conveniently it turns out 2014 has been the year of fitness milestones. Here are a few.

* * *

Best distance: 12.9 miles (and most calories burned – 1,539).
July 22nd, Boyd Lake State Park, Fort Collins, Colorado.


I remember this run well. I ran without water (dumb) and my legs gave out at the end with the heat and sun.

* * *

Longest duration: 3:32:06.
Greatest elevation climb: 2,861.
August 3rd, Pike National Forest (nr. Lake George), Colorado.


This was a fun run/scramble/climb of 9.5 miles around Badger Mountain in the Pike National Forest, Colorado. Photographs and Gratuitous Garmin Adventure.

* * *

Best average pace: 7:34 per mile.
All right so this one was less exciting – I pulled it off on a treadmill at the Overland Park Marriott, Kansas.

* * *

Longest run at sea level (a made up milestone): 9.7 miles.
January 4th, 2014, Dauphin Island, Alabama.


Alfred came along (photograph) on this one .

* * *

What about something a little more gentle?

On August 2nd I took a memorable 11.4 mile hike with Alfred and Julie to find the first Geocache ever placed in Colorado.


* * *

4 miles is still my daily standard. Fortunately Pomona State Park in Kansas has a nice 4.3 mile loop – my new treadmill.


Alfred came along (photograph) on this particular run around Pomona too.

* * *

Now, to the beach.

(probably wouldn’t be here without an Airstream)

– Anthony, Dauphin Island, Alabama


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