Throwback Thursday: camping

909 Walnut Street, Kansas City, MO

In September of 2010 (four years ago!) we started our first experiments in camping. At the time we were living on the 26th floor of a building in downtown Kansas City.

We ordered our gear online from REI and of course we set it all up in our apartment. Our love of REI remains true.

Those camping weekends were challenging, miserable and fun. It was invariably too hot, too cold, and since building camp fires is fun it was always stinky.

Memorable trips included a night in the Devil’s Backbone Wilderness, Missouri. It was hot and I have never been exposed to so many insects. Ever. We set up camp quickly and hid. Throughout the night we heard nature grunting, snorting, screeching, running, charging around us.

Indian Cave State Park, Nebraska

Another night – we think it was at Indian Cave State Park in Nebraska – we decided to test our new four season double sleeping bag. It was winter with temperatures in the teens. We all huddled together. Alfred crawled into the bag and stayed all the way in at the bottom. He wouldn’t come out until morning.

Fond memories. See the Flickr album.

– Anthony, Pomona State Park, Kansas


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