389 days of highs, lows and propane


The graph above shows the high and low temperatures we experienced in all 389 days we have lived in our Airstream, along with our average daily propane consumption.

Temperatures are plotted against the left hand axis. Propane consumption against the right hand axis.

The lowest temperature we experienced was on February 5th, 2014, in Colorado. The high that day was 0F, the low was -14F.

We experienced four days with lows below 0F, and 45 days with lows of 20F or lower. On 19 days the high did not get above 30F.

At the other extreme, the highest temperature we experienced was 100F, which was reached on three days in August, all in Kansas. On 34 days the temperature reached 90F or higher.

Propane consumption correlates to cold, as you would expect. The daily averages obviously aren’t precise – they are simply the refill amounts divided by the time between last refill.

Our average propane consumption has been 0.47 gallons per day. In the coldest part of the year we consumed about 2.4 gallons per day and in the hottest part about 0.25 gallons a day (cooking). So, when it’s very cold we go through propane ten times as fast as when it’s hot. This is entirely due to running the furnace.

Weather is a big deal in an Airstream. The weather category is the largest on this blog, with 21 entries including this one. This data shows that fairly difficult weather can be survived without damage.

The raw dataset can be found here.

– Anthony, Adel, Iowa

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