What have we been up to?

Alfred. Lake Anita State Park, Iowa.

After 393 days in an Airstream we bought a house in a school district city called Waukee, which is a suburb of Des Moines. This is in the state of Iowa. It is forgivable that you may be unfamiliar with the city and state so to be clear, for domestic and foreign readers, this is in ‘Merica.

I described the house in my last note as a “nice new townhome with no exterior maintenance.” Riveting. We haven’t done a remarkable job of decorating or furnishing yet but it’s comfortable and we were able to pick out some last minute finishings – like having all the carpet replaced with hard floors throughout. I know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The neighborhood is in the new fashion of mixed home types with a nice trail system. The height of the art of these things might be Celebration, Florida. While unmistakably suburban, the mix of housing is nice. There aren’t sterile rows of townhouses resembling military housing, nor street after street of cookie cutter single family homes – jail for the overextended.

I get a few emails from people enjoying the candor of this blog. So in that spirit I offer an awful photograph of the house. This was featured on Iowa Realty’s web site (sorry I am breaking a copyright – please Sir, I bought the this hastily stapled together bunch of sticks nonetheless).


The good news is the skip – dumpster – has been moved a bit further away and the mud field to the right is now mid-construction, which is loud most of the time.

In other news, we have been:

More on these later.

– Anthony, Lake Anita State Park, Iowa
41°25’51.57″N, 94°46’18.88″W


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