Chalk and cheese – Iowa and Airstreams


Iowa is generally slightly above mediocre in most demographic metrics. Where it does very well is in education, which keeps the surrounding states well supplied with young ambitious-otrons and where it does poorly, again sticking strictly to objective metrics, is its rather surprising tax burden. Well educated and highly taxed? Chicago here we come. Until we have kids – then we rush home again.

But this post is concerned with enjoying an Airstream when you live in Iowa. The problematic metric is Iowa’s public land ownership ranks 47th out of 50 states. The only states with a smaller percentage of public land ownership are Rhode Island, which barely counts for this analysis, Connecticut, likewise, and New York.

Iowa is 91% the size of all three combined but with just 13% the population. Connecticut alone, less than 10% the size of Iowa, has more people.

Indeed Iowa is the only state not on the eastern seaboard with precisely zero acres of National Forest.

What’s up with that? Corn. And in fairness part of the reason is Federal land ownership is low in Iowa.

In any case Iowa doesn’t pair well with our version of Airstreaming.

– Anthony, Waukee, Iowa

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