Factory repairs

Our Airstream. Jackson Center, Ohio.

On March 10 I drove the 584 miles to Jackson Center, Ohio, to deliver our Airstream to its makers.

It was recovered 19 days later, all shiny and new. They left it outside for me to pick up on a Sunday. Fantastic service from beginning to end.

Doing this is straight forward. You request an appointment date on Airstream’s web site and are contacted by email with instructions shortly after. You’ll have to show up at 7am on the day of the appointment.

I drove the day before and stayed overnight in a town called Lima, Ohio, where the nearest Marriott property is. If doing likewise stay at the Courtyard not the Fairfield. Parking at the Fairfield is too tight for a trailer. I chose the low carb., low cholesterol, low calorie option for dinner with a meal consisting entirely of hots wings and Blue Moon at the Lima Buffalo Wild Wings, which has a parking lot big enough for the trailer.

At the service center I had a single page print out with the trailer’s serial number at the top, and all the repair items listed (see my list below). At the service center these will be typed up into individual repair orders.

Shortly after they will then pull the trailer into a service bay using a small tractor and you’ll do a walk through with a technician to cover all the items in more detail.

Then you’re on your way. An email estimate will be sent within a few hours and it’s a yes/no proposition. I found the estimate was almost exactly what my expectation was – no surprises at all.

One thing to note is you can’t really get a time estimate until you show up. In my case the repairs took 5 days but there wasn’t a firm estimate when I dropped it off. So I drove home to Iowa and came back for it a few weeks later on the weekend. Airstream will store the trailer at no cost for as long as you want — I suppose there is a limit on that statement — provided you pay the bill within 30 days. The point here is this isn’t a Ford QuickLane. Expect to do two trips.

Here’s a copy/paste of my one-pager:


  • Repair wheel well gap on curb side.
  • Water found seeping under bathroom cabinetry – may be related to wheel well issue above.
  • Repair exterior light above entry door. Works intermittently. Bulb has been replaced. Suspect wiring.
  • Examine tears in fresh water tank belly pan near wheels. Seal if appropriate.
  • Examine air conditioning unit mount. Occasional interior leaking specifically during wind and rain.
  • Shower door alignment.
  • Investigate source of water evidence at back of primary closet.
  • Investigate source of water under hot water tank bypass pipe.
  • Fresh water tank straps.


  • Inspect exterior caulking and seals, including roof and belly pan. Evidence of water penetration noticed back of clothes closet.
  • Replace door and screen door.
  • Replace tongue jack.

– Anthony, Lake Anita State Park, Iowa


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