Our most popular post

Alfred on the Airstream bed. Lake Anita State Park, Iowa.

I was browsing through the site statistics and was surprised to see that our most popular post is this one, Is living in an Airstream a bad idea?

Now to the question I’m sure you’re asking. Why do you have a sleeping bag on the bed?

streamer_j is enrolled in a course with several all-day weekend classes. Poor streamer_j. But not poor streamer_a and Alfred! We’re going anyway. When it’s just me and the furry one I don’t burn propane running the furnace at night, unless it’s forecast to drop below 30-ish. I leave a window open, fresh air and it’s nice and toasty in the bag. As a side benefit I don’t have to clean the sheets or make the bed. Alfred likes it cold.

I picked this technique up winter camping with Alfred. I’d have to run the furnace to keep the lines from freezing but using a sleeping bag means I can set the furnace at 40 (the lowest it will go).

The bag is a REI Lumen.

– Anthony, Lake Anita State Park, Iowa

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