A New Airstream

Airstream & Chevy

It’s been over two years since I have written anything here. I see my last post was about maintaining lead acid batteries, so it was probably time to take a break.

We do have an overdue update. Last year we sold our 28′ Airstream International back to the dealer. It was a very sad day.

There was no particular reason. We just weren’t using it. Iowa doesn’t have any “nature” left. Iowans use campers to tailgate, which we don’t do. I struggle having expensive things sitting in storage, to be maintained and slowly rot. So we sold it.

Fast forward a year to May, 2017. We bought our second Airstream. Unlike our first, we bought this Airstream just for fun, not to perform a full time lifestyle experiment.

So we wanted something more nimble, that could be towed easily with a smaller tow vehicle. I didn’t want to sign up for a lifetime of big truck ownership.

We sold ourselves on using it for a couple of big trips each year and as a weekend winter cabin. We imagined spending more time in the years ahead if job flexibility permitted.

We settled on the Airstream International 23FB. The largest of the small (8′ body) Airstreams, paired with a ProPride 3P hitch to a 2016 Chevy Colorado diesel.

Did this combination work? Yes – very well. More to come.

– Anthony, Waukee, Iowa

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